Langford Church, Oxfordshire (b&w)


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Feb 16, 2006
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A photograph taken on an overcast day with a white sky, so I tried to increase the interest by making use of whatever contrast was available. The shot works better in black & white. For more info go to

Shame about the sky - I assume there is no information in the hightlights at all to burn in? But what an interesting image - what sticks out is that Italianate central tower on what is otherwise a standard mediaeval English church. It looks like a bit of Tuscany has been dropped into rural Oxfordshire.
Thanks Thom. No, there was nothing in the sky that I could work with. Some might pop a new sky into a shot like this, but that's not my way. You're right about the church. It's a bit of an oddity for the reasons you note, but fascinating for it too.

Regards, Tony
Heh, the further west you get in Oxfordshire, the more laid back people get - even when they're buried.

Weird looking church eh.
Oh, other Tony (tb2 is a Tony and tempra is a Tony, too), you are sooo funny. "The more laid back people get...." :lol:

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