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Aug 12, 2008
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I am looking for a good printer that can handle 13x19". Based on cost, speed, features and ink usage it's making a tough choice. Four I am focused on:

PIXMA Pro9500 Inkjet Printer
PIXMA PRO9000 Inkjet Printer
Stylus Photo R1900 Inkjet Printer
Stylus Photo 1400 Inkjet Printer

I have owned both Epson and Canon printers in the past. I thought I was an Epson fan until I bought a Canon PIXMA a few years ago. Swore I would never look back at Epson - but the prices and features are making me look again:

All are running rebates - lowest pricing I can find:

PIXMA Pro9500 Inkjet Printer - 561.00
PIXMA PRO9000 Inkjet Printer - 312.00
Stylus Photo R1900 Inkjet Printer - 379.00
Stylus Photo 1400 Inkjet Printer - 188.00

Horizontal resolution is greater in Epson, but vertical goes to Canon. Range from 6 to 10 colors - 9000/R1900 both use 8. Looking over graphs, Canon wins the print speed challenge and ink usage "as best as it gets" is about equal for 13x19. 9000/1400 is about 1.90, 9500/R1900 is about 2.60.

Going cheap, ratings high is the 1400, another $120 will get me into the 9000 and another $50 into the R1900. Biggest push for the R1900 is the 13x44" print capability...something that would be nice and the only one in this class. On the flip of Epson's price and roll printing - when I owned a few stylus in the past, it was a very good print just didn't wow me like the PIXMA series. Also, for me, it seemed like the inks would last longer in the Canon printers...but Red River study proved me wrong.

I excluded HP B series...I have owned a few, and while they are excellent printers, never impressed me on photo quality.

I am not a professional photographer, but would like a nice print. Both color and bw, which I understand the 9500 kills it with the additional grey/black cartridges. On the high end, I could get by with the 9000 bw, I hear Epson has a color tone...something I also witnessed.

Personal history and facts point me to Canon, pocket and common sense point me Epson...

Thoughts? TIA.


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Dec 14, 2007
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Id get the 9000 @ that price. I have one and love it. Their printers are the only Canon equipment I will ever own. I still use my i960 for smaller prints.

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