Late afternoon...bored.


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Nov 22, 2004
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Newcastle, Australia
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Messing around down at the old airbase...



I'm not entirely happy with the 2nd picture in regards to ISO grain, shot it at 100 ISO to the tune of 25secs @ F3.5 and the colours seem to be messed up in the shadows - it's been ran through Neat Image to get rid of the grain but I can't get rid of the splotchy colour. :er:

Suggestions/comments/brickbats welcome :)
Here you are: a brickbat.

(*whispering to herself: what on earth is a brickbat???*)

You see things in the second photo that I plainly fail to see. "Blotchy colours" ... you mean the car body?
Brickbat = negative comment.

If you run your eyes along the car body starting from the left you'll see the blotchy colouring, i'm not sure if it's a bi-product of exposure adjustment but I tried correcting it in Neat Image but didn't have a lot of success. :???:
OK - thanks for the English lesson :D
And well, yes, now that you drew my attention to it, I do see the colour blotches on the car body, but it would not have bothered me in the least had you not so clearly pointed at it :greenpbl: ;)
Great shots! I'm sooo jealous of the first one, I'd love to have a shot like that with me and my car. Kudos to you.

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