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May 22, 2006
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Critiques would be greatly appreciated.
Okay but it's just my opinion now... you have way to much blank space on the left. I think the shot screams veritical composition. In other words rotate the camera or crop it for verticle. The My guess is that you used a strobe. I would have expected with a strop that the colors would be a little less red.

Now for the good news. You got what we used to call the pivital moment no pun intended. When you shoot slower shutter speeds (not in this case the strope is the shutter) You wait for the moment when the action is at about to change there is a split second when the action stand still. Back in the days of flash bulbs that was when you tripped the trigger.

So your composition is off in my opinion which can be easily fixed, but your timing was great which could not have been fixed if it had been wrong.

I would rather crop a good shot, than have a well composed shot that isn't of interest to anyone.
It's an interesting shot! flash synch at 1/4000th eh? Clever.

I quite like the composition, but as has been said, there's perhaps a bit too much black there. Still the black tells the viewer it was night time, or at least fairly dark. I would perhaps like the subject to be a little larger with respect to the picture. I wouldn't however, crop to vertical (sorry charlie!).

The only thing which I probably would have done differently is to perhaps use a longer shutter speed to get a bit of motion blur subtley - it's very frozen at the moment and it's hard to tell what's going to happen next. For an action shot like this maybe I'd try a second-curtain sync at a lower shutter speed and higher ISO to bring out some more detail. I'd also maybe be tempted to use a wider diffuser with a lens that wide.

Hope this helps!

Not to worry rob, Im pretty far out of touch with new styles.

The vertical crop comes from years and years of studio photography. The old rule, which most likely is no more, was vertical subject= verticle crop.

Like I said times change and probably left me behind. I wonder if we could impose on the photographer to humor an old man and make a verticle crop just to show me how wrong I am. Possibly from the right side just to the edge of the lit wall then all the way top to bottom. I am just curious. That would be the classical crop for the picture, just my opinion of course.
i don't know, i think cropping this vertically would really tighten up the comp too much for my liking. i'll def. try it though, give me a sec and i'll post up the cropped version.
I agree with Rob in the sense of the motion blur. It's hard to see what is going to happen next. When it comes to cropping, I like the empty space on the left side, but would have cropped it right were the concrete slant tends to disappear, so it doesn't really show the source of lighting, even though you can tell by the shadows. With the vertical cropping, I'm do see where mysteryscribe is coming from, but I think there would be the same, or even more, empty space above him rather than beside him. Telling by his stance, His left leg is probably his lead lead which would insinuate regular stance. I would also have to second what Rob said when I say I would to se the subject slightly larger.
FIrst thing I think of when I see photos *OR In person* like this is OUCH.. If he fell dead center it certainly wouldnt feel good.. YOu caught a great moment of skill !
mysteryscribe said:


ha sorry to keep you waiting. i think i like the composition of the original better, what are your thoughts?
Holly said:
FIrst thing I think of when I see photos *OR In person* like this is OUCH.. If he fell dead center it certainly wouldnt feel good.. YOu caught a great moment of skill !

haha it's funny that you said that, because right before i started shooting him doing this, i tried it and fell with my legs on each side of the rail.
mysteryscribe said:
of course I like this better, but i would have centered the boarder, still i like the cut better. That was to be expected though.

centered composition is a no-no in skate photography!

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