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Dec 3, 2007
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can someone help me with these? for instance i have like 13 pics and i want to combine them do i do it?

i.e. - cloning pictures, panorama pics

help is appriciated =)
It depends on what you want to achieve.
The way I do it is to open all the images, select the base photo, then drag and drop the other images on to the base. Then crop, rotate and change the image size to fit.
Hope that helps.
thanks, thats more than i knew before! but then how to you combine it so when you wanna edit it, its all one image?
I don't think your explaining yourself very well. There isn't a set combined image, you make it what you want it to be. Try expanding on what your asking because I don't get what you mean.
Do you want to take all of your images and make them into a collage consisting of one entire picture?
I'm not sure this is exactly what you're searching for, but have a look at this tutorial. If not for this project, maybe in the future.
i will try to be as clear as possible. i want to take a 360 degree panorama. i have all the pics. how do i combine them in photoshop?

or say something like this:

I looked at the link you posted. To create a photo like that you are going to have to learn how to work with masks and make selections. There are different ways to create a mask. Selection tools can be used, quick mask, etc. I use a plug in called On One Mask Pro to remove complex backgrounds fast. Then you can use the move tool to drag it to the other photo. It will then have it's own layer. An easy way to move selections from one photo to another is to use your poly lasso, then copy-paste onto the other photo. I could do a tutorial and tell you how to create an image like this, but it would be too long. Best way to learn how to create photos like this is to start browsing sites like Worth1000 and read some tutorials.
thanks are there panorama programs that are free?

this is what i mean
read #7, he talks about stacking all the images on top of eachother as layers
Open your photos. Use your move tool (V) and drag each image onto the first image that was opened. Each image will open in it's own layer just like in the picture in the tutorial. By clicking on each layer you can work on each image separately. The eye symbol means it's visible. If you click the eye symbol, the eye disapears. Then that layer is no longer visible. Layers are the foundation of photoshop. You should take some time and read up on layers.
I think that you have to begin to read a good book about PS.
Thank you for your understanding.
To do a 360 panorama open all the photos in photoshop (CS or higher to my knowledge) and go to file > Automate > Photomerge and play around with it

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