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Leaf Aptus 22 Digital Back Kit


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May 7, 2006
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Amazing LEAF Aptus 22 digital back kit with Hassleblad H1 Mount. 6 months old and used four times. MINT as NEW. Almost $30,000 investment in this kit. Leaf Aptus 22 Digital Back (H1 Mount) $25,000 plus tax, Leaf 20GB Digital Magazine ($2,000 value), 2 Battery Packs for Digital Magazine, Battery Pack for Aptus, Single Battery Charger for Aptus Battery Pack, Double Battery Charger for Digital Magazine Battery Packs, Leaf Tripod Mount w/ Mounting Plate, Leaf H1 Focusing Screen, 15' and 6 Firewire Cables, Leaf Aptus Canvas-like Carry Case, SD Card Reader w/ Cable, Leaf SD Software Key Card, Leaf Capture 8.3.4 and 10.0 Software, Leaf Aptus Installation Guide, 2- Power Cords, Rugid Hard Shell Case for Back and Accessories, 5 Months of Warranty from Leaf, all brochures and boxes. Priced to sell below ANY place else you will find it at $17,800.00. Email me with questions at [email protected]

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