Leica copies?

Discussion in 'Photographic Discussions' started by eravedesigns, Mar 6, 2007.

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    Is there any camera out there that are similar to Leica's and are digital (what i mean is classic old style cameras that are digital) I want something like that but only would want to spend about $300.

  2. By "Leica" I assume you mean Rangefinder cameras. Leica's best-known line of cameras is their M line. They just came out with the M8, a digital version that is about $4,700 before taxes, obviously a lot more than you would like to spend.

    Unfortunately there are no cheap rangefinders, and there never have been any. They are usually quite well engineered and built, and tend to be pricey.

    An interesting camera is the Epson R-D1. Don't let the company name fool you, it was designed by Cosina-Voigtlander, the "other" rangefinder company. It is an extremely professional high-end camera that is also extremely "old school". It even has a winder lever to re-cock the shutter, as though you're advancing film to the next frame. New they cost about $3,000. A high-quality refurbished version can occasionally be bought on the Epson website for $1,550. The camera is compatible with all the good Leica, Zeiss, and CV lenses built over the last 55 years.

    Rangefinders are perfect for street photography, and taking high-quality pics with a camera that looks like a point-and-shoot to people who don't know cameras.

    What do you want to accomplish? There are some interesting high-end point-and-shoot cameras that are quite good, give you a lot of control (almost as much as an SLR or RF) and are reasonably priced.
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    The 'expensive' part of your description is the word 'digital'.

    As soon as you substitute the word 'film' for the word 'digital', the cost of the camera drops by a huge factor.

    If you're looking for the experience of wandering the streets like a modern-day Henri Cartier-Bresson or Alfred Eisenstaedt you can accomplish it for bubkas with a Zorky, Fed, Kiev, etc. The pictures will be acceptable in quality, you can use the rig to drive nails when not taking pictures and the purchase won't dent your budget.

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