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  1. Hi all.

    A few Leica questions:

    Can an M-mount lens fit on the R models? And vice versa? Are there adapters?

    Is there a crop factor in the captured image for digital back for the R models in relation to 35mm film?

    Anyone have any experience with the Digital back on the R?

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    No, the lenses aren't interchangeable. There is a good reason for it and that is that rangefinders don't need any retro focus in lens design while SLR's do in order to clear the swinging mirrors. So the lens mounts would be very different except, possible, with telephoto lenses. I'm not aware of any adapters and I have no knowlege of the digital back. My experience with Leicas ended at the R4 and M6 so it isn't very current.
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    According to a few sites I Googled, the crop factor on the digital back (Digital Modul R) is 1.37x. However I have no personal experience (and am unlikely to do so at any point in the foreseeable future :lol: )

  4. Thanks all. My research continues.

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