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lens adapters, sizes, etc.


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Jul 3, 2003
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I just recieved an Olympus C-720 ultra zoom and am looking to add wide and tele conversion lenses to it. I have noticed that there are a bunch of different diameter lenses available and even more tube adapters to choose from. My Oly has the proprietary 45.6mm thread found on the Ultra Zooms. If I buy a lens, it will either have to be a larger diameter or smaller diameter, but not 45.6mm. Question: Is there any advantages/disadvantages to going to either a larger thread or a smaller thread? I've seen anything from a 58mm rear to a 37mm rear with adapters allegedly meant to fit my camera. Please help this rookie out!!! Thanks!
I suggest you check out what lenses are available for your camera first but I'm guessing you'll end up with a 43mm.
If I'm right you'll find that there's a 2X telephoto, a .75X wide angle and possibly some closeup lenses which will fit.
A few things to look into: 1) with the wide angle or the telephoto the flash will be partially obscured causing large shadows. 2) The telephoto will cause "vignetting" on anything other than full zoom, this means that there's no in between, it'll be 16X or nothing.
I'm extrapolating this from a similar camera that I own so confirm this yourself.
It might still be a good idea to buy the adaptor anyway and leave it on the camera with the lens cap on that to prevent the "grind" if you accidentally turn the camera on with the lens cap in place.
With the 8X zoom you've got on that why bother with anything else?
Possibly you could justify the wide angle but the closeups are a good idea.
Hope this at least gives you something to look into.
i too would think 43mm, but you could go to the Olympus website, and they should info on the lense size for your camera

good luck
43mm?? I don't see how you come to that number. I was looking at the Olympus accessories, the CLA-4 adapter specifically, and that is a 45.6 to 55mm adapter to fit their lenses WCON/TCON. I am not a pro by any means, so I was tending to lean towards purchasing some "lesser" lenses than the Olys, as I am not a real scrutinizing photographer. These cheaper guys seem to most commonly be 52mm. Although they're not 55mm as the Olys, they are closer to that measurement than 43mm. I was concerned that going narrower would make the photos more prone to vignetting, especially as small as 37mm, which I have seen advertised for the Ultra Zooms. Thanks y'all for your insight sofar.
If Oly has a 45.6-55 step up ring you just need to get that and a 55-52 step down ring to use the less expensive lenses.

You may get some vignetting depending on the protrusion of the adapter rings, but you may not. Only way to say is to spend the money for the Oly adapter and hit a camera store and try the step down/lens combo to see how it reacts.


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