Lens adaption from SLR to DSLR


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Feb 5, 2012
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Has anyone used lenses from an SLR on a DSLR? I have a Canon SLR and was told the lenses would adapt to the Canon DSLR, however they may not function the same. I would like to know this for sure. Any experiences on this would be very helpful.
The lenses should mount properly and the lens functions should work properly. Things such as autofocus and aperture controls may or may not work. It depends on the lens and the body combination.
If you have a CANON EOS film body, your lenses will mount, autofocus, meter, etc exactly the same as they would on your film body.

If your camera is really old an has an FD mount, you can get adapters I believe, but it will not AF.
I see from your Profile that you have a Canon Rebel ... that is an EOS model that uses EF lenses.
EF lenses are compatible with all EOS digital cameras.

If you get a full frame Canon DSLR then there is no image cropping ... the APS-C models will crop the image (due to the smaller sensor) causing the focal length of the lens to appear longer.

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