Lens Aperture vs Camera ISO - buying advice

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    I have always seen the moveable screens as a weak point. I doubt I will ever move the screen on my D850! I am not accident prone or ham fisted. But I have had my moments too. Hate to ruin a $3,300 camera (investment) by inadvertantly break the rear monitor.

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    Yes, it depends upon the requirements.
    I identified my back as the weak point. And with a camera attached to a 150lb telescope and it pointed high into the air I found it impossible to look in the camera. A 90 degree viewfinder and the swivel screen on the D750 and D500 was the perfect answer from the D600/D7000 combo I had in the past.

    But there are alternatives now for my particular predicament such as wireless, which the D600/D7000 didn't have builtin anyways. Or even tethered if one wants to go that route, etc.[/QUOTE]
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    Thanks for your input everyone!

    I'm surprised you guys haven't heard, the 6D mark II reviews are filled with criticism and disappointment. I found this one in particular to provide the perfect comparisons -
    Testing the Canon 6D Mark II for Nightscapes

    Re: fully articulating screen. This is most certainly not a poorly constructed weak point of the camera, I've used my 70D for 4 years and it has been great (aside from it's noisiness), there is no sign of any wear on the joints, it moves as if it were brand new, and has always felt very strong. It's amazingly versatile for capturing tricky angles and points of view, combined with the touch screen it not only saves you time but also means you won't miss shots because of linking your smart phone etc.

    I was all set to buy a second hand A7Rii and was really excited for it, ready to compromise with linking my phone for tricky angles, but then realised it's not even a touchscreen so can't justify the price. The A7Riii has just been released but way outside my budget for now. Anyone had experience with the A7Rii vs touchscreen cameras? Is my prejudice based upon a misconception and the added convenience barely noticeable?

    I've decided I'll have to settle for the 6D mark II, pairing it with the Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8. I'll be looking to sell the 6D as soon as an alternative is released - I'll probably wait a year for a second hand A7Riii and buy the MC11 mount converter.

    Oh and if you want to check out my images, my instagram is onz_brau :) I'd also love to check out your accounts ^~^

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