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Feb 26, 2009
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Ok I am looking for some recommendations on filters I can put on my lenses. I only am interested in ones that will help/work with black and white, as its the only thing I shoot with my 35mm SLR. if you could... could you post which you think are best and why that would be greatly appreciated. I have plain clear ones on them right now just to protect the lens. I would like some info and oppinions on what will help make it look the best. thanks!

Usual colored B&W filters are yellow, orange, red, green.
There are also Polarizers, Infrared, Neutral Density and "trick" effects
filters of various kinds.

Some good general info here:
Filters in Black and White Photography
As Compur stated ... colour filters.

Use the colour filter to darken complementary colours and to lighten equal coloured areas.

to lighten green leaves ... use a green filter.
to darken green leaves ... use a red filter.
Follow this link to the Schneider/B&W filter guide: Schneider Optics

You can download the whole handbook or there are several PDF's for specific pages.
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Do check your lenses and be sure that the filter is sized to fit the largest lens. Simple step-up rings will then adapt the other lenses to the filters/lens shade.
An older photographer friend from Germany knew a few of the lens makers at Schneider; they were always horrified to hear that one would put a flat piece of glass in front of their gorgeous lenses!
what do you mean sized to fit the largest lens? its a 58mm lens and fits right on... might be missing something tho haha

that PDF is AMAZING!!!!!
I believe what Torus is saying is that if you have a lens that takes a larger filter size, to buy them at that larger size and just use a step down ring to adapt to your 58mm.

That way you buy only one filter instead of two.

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