Lens Flare With Cokin Filter System


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Jul 6, 2003
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I recently took my first shots with some cokin filter of a sunset, and this is the result i got:


I used 3 filters for this shot, 81B Warming, Gradual Grey G1 and Grad Grey G2. The scans not the best, it was better exposed than this and i was fairly happy with the result, but my concern lies with the unsightly lens flare (or what have you) that i got across the frame (again hard to see due to the scan - i couldn't get it much better, but atleast you can see it). It appears twice across the frame (see circle).

My question come in the form that is there anyway to reduce such effects, or is it simply a matter of course with the use of these filters? As the sun was behind the clouds i didn't think that it would be an issue - no direct sunlight. I have the hood to go with the filters but i didn't use it (and i can't see how it could have helped).

Any suggestions?
That looks like a lens flair, which may not have a thing to do with the filters. Perhaps a rolling polorizer sp? might help with this type of flair. Most lens are coated to reduce this. What brand of lens are you using. I also think I'm seeing the apprature rather than a flair. Perhaps a smaller f-stop? Hope this helps.

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