Lens for an NYC trip???

Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by rmh159, Sep 22, 2006.

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    I just found out this morning that I'll be making a last minute trip to NYC in a couple weeks. I'm PSYCHED to get up and get some pics and I thought it might be a good opportunity to visit B&H or Adorama and rent a lens since it'll be my first NYC trip with the D50.

    Any advice on lenses to get? I might spend the nite in Manhatten so there will most likely be the chance for nite / low light shots but I'll primarily use it for regular street / touristy shots.

    I was thinking of grabbing the 50mm prime f1.8 lens as I'm interested in buying this puppy at some point. I figured since I'm in a city I might not get much use out of a telephoto or macro so 50mm might be a good fit.

    I'm sure others have rented lenses like this before. Is there anything I should know? I can reserve it on their website but do I need a deposit? If I fall in love with it and decide to give it a home can I just pay for it and keep it instead of returning it when done?

    Any / all advice is welcome.

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    As far as rentals go why go with a lens you can for not alot more mony purchase. A 50mm lens is cheap even the 1.8 why not go with a rel nice lens you might not be able to buy and get great pics from your trip with it. I'm thinking something like the 17-55 2.8 around a $1600 lens to buy but as a rental a fun way to try a lens you may never be able to buy. In general focal length is more up to you have fun with it.

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