Lens hood or UV filter????


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Nov 25, 2011
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Lakewood Ranch, FL
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Going out to shoot on this great Maryland day. Full of sun with a magnificent blue sky. My dilemma is that I'm going to shoot with
my 105mm. It comes with a lens hood (option one). My UV filter is a 77mm in which I use a step-up adapter for the 67mm thread (option two).
I can't use both at the same time, which option would you leave the house with?​
lens hood, always, never a uv filter, just my .02 cents
And you don't need to open up multiple threads on something like this.. One thread is all you need for an answer! :)

Considering Digital Sensors don't have a problem with UV like film cameras did (So they don't need UV filters).... and the fact that even a expensive UV filter can degrade image quality and introduce artifacts...... what do you think?
Never leave without a lens hood, it is much more beneficial than any UV filter.
These two items are not interchangeable. They have different purposes. I always use a lens hood. Never had a UV filter.
I always, always, always use the lens hood. I don't own a UV filter that will fit my good glass.

...... One thread is all you need for an answer! :)
... or use the Search tool. :lol:
thanks for the help. I changed the thread because I realized that the original location was simply wrong. For the future, how would I have deleted it?
You can't delete it. Once you start a thread TPF owns it, not you, so they are the only ones that can delete it. However, you can edit your posts by removing all the text.

A lens hood increases the contrast in your image. A UV filter deceases image contrast.

A lens hood helps control lens flare. A UV filter makes lens flare worse.

A lens hood provides a measure of impact protection. A UV filter's glass is a lot thinner than the front lens element, and is much easier to break. When UV filters shatter, the sharp shards of glass are often forced back against the lens front element scratching or gouging it. This exact situation happened to a TPF member recently.

A Circular Polarizing (CPL) filter is often used outside to add some saturation to blues and greens, but a CPL is much less effective when the Sun is more than 30° the horizon, or more/less than 90° to the lens focal length axis.
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Or you can click the report post triangle (lower left of the post) and in the reason for reporting section state that it's a double thread and request it to be deleted.

Back on topic: lens hood for the win.
Thank you ALL, I'm always amazed at the contributions offered here at TPF in shedding light on anyone's question.
This site is truly very valuable for us less experienced photoggs. I'm starting to understand what is really meant by
"I spend too much of my life on TPF!"
As far as you TPF junkies, It's quite apparent that you have no lives at all. For that I thank you a little more for your
markj said:
As far as you TPF junkies, It's quite apparent that you have no lives at all. For that I thank you a little more for your

LOL. Btw, you're close to a good studio that rents affordably if you're interested in getting into that. Sly Horse Studio. I rented there when I was down there in the fall.

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