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Feb 17, 2012
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Has anyone had experience with Tamron Adaptals on a Nikon DSLR? I use them on a Nikon 35 SLR with good results. does anyone know how well they work on a DSLR?
The amount of functionality depends on which camera you have.

I have one and it worked just fine on my d200 and works a charm on my d700. The one I have is equivalent to a nikon AI-s manual focus lens. There is no cpu in the lens.

Check your manual for compatibility with Ai and Ai-s lenses.
My Tamron's have adapter rings to make them compatible with my Nikon 35. They take great shots, so I thought I might be able to use them on a Nikon DSLR, thereby saving me a lot of money.
Theyll work, but you wont get metering info unless you are using a pro or prosumer grade dslr (d200, d300, d700, d7000, d3, d4)
What does "won't get metering info." mean?
Also, if a Nikon body has the autofocus or autofocus worm gear feature, will a Tamron lens "autofocus"?
CedarBranchNikon said:
What does "won't get metering info." mean?
Also, if a Nikon body has the autofocus or autofocus worm gear feature, will a Tamron lens "autofocus"?

Only af lenses can autofocus, im fairly certain the adapt-all was manual focus only--its easy to tell, if its af there should be a "screw" on the lens mount for the screwdrive to interface with.

Metering info allows the camera to set the exposure, and also allows the exposure meter in the viewfinder to work. Lower end nikon dslrs will only meter with cpu lenses (lenses with computer contacts). If u mount a non-cpu lens to one of these cameras you can shoot in "m" mode only and u have to guess your exposure settings.
Won't the camera choose the right shutter speed and f-stop based on the light entering through the lens and hitting the meter? Or even in selecting the right f-stop, the Tamron won't close to the right stop when the shutter is snapped?
Dang, photography has gotten complicated for us old guys, and gals, who grew up in a "film" world".
"Must be reprogrammed".:lol:
The camera body needs to have an aperture index tab. For example the d700, d300, d7000, d3's etc.. have this tab, so the meter can determine the lens's aperture and do its exposure calculations. You do have to tell the camera a non-cpu lens is mounted and what the maximum aperture of that lens is. It needs to know this to calibrate the meter, give it a baseline so to speak. These cameras can use these Ai and Ai-s lenses in aperture priority mode in addition to manual.

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