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    Hello everyone,

    I have a n00b lens question that has been drivin me crazy, I searched a lot and didnt find anything so plz excuse me if its kind of a dumb question to post.

    I'm lookin at some 35mm mf nikon lenses, but i cant understand one thing about the specs, some of them have an "ov" and a "cs" in there which I totally dont get. for example there is this:
    Nikon 35 F2 0v Lens *52mm W/cs

    and there are others like it without the "Ov" and the "cs"

    any help would be erally appreciated.

    Thanks a lot

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    "cs" probably stands for "case"

    I think "Ov" stands for "original version", which as far as I can tell is a fancy way of saying "this is a very old lens, and we make no guarantee it will work with anything Nikon has put out in modern history". I'd stay away from the "Ov" lenses unless you have the opportunity to try one on your camera, and know it will function properly.

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