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Discussion in 'Photography Beginners' Forum' started by ketan, Aug 21, 2007.

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    I read lot of posts on advise on selecting lenses. I also have asked various questions.
    I realise that at dpchallenge you can query the photos taken by a camera or a lens. For ex. I can select Canon so that will show all canon lenses. I sort them in order of number of owners to see the most populer ones. Then by clicking the lens name I can go to the filtered galary and can view hundreds of photos taken with that lens and can easily make up my mind.
    Alternatively, I can browse various galaries by subject, For ex. I select nature. Go to the galary and see various photos taken by various lenses.
    This is very useful for beginners like me.
    I was not aware of this site but I read this name in Big Mike's one of the posts.
    This site has few tutorials also.

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    I assume you mean make up your mind which lens to buy? No offence intended but I would not make that decision based on looking at one, ten or even hundreds of photos taken with a particular lens. Since we're looking at small images on a monitor, and since the idea of a site like that is to show good images rather than to compare lenses, often you will find great shots taken with kit lenses, or mediocre ones taken with great lenses. Really it's a site for looking at the quality of photographers rather than their equipment.

    I think checking what equipment was used for various shots can be interesting for a number of reasons, like for example if you see something with an interesting perspective and want to know what focal length was used, or if you want to know the variety of shots that can be taken with a particular length... or sometimes if you're interested in checking out a specific quality like "bokeh". As a general method for choosing your own equipment though I think there are much better ways.

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