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Jun 29, 2003
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I've got a pentax zx30. I've noticed that lenses don't generally work from one brand to another, but I'm in the market for an older camera that you have to wind and al lthat stuff ya know. Does anyone know if i buy an old pentax if their mounting style for lenses stayed constant. I guess a short and sweet version. Will any lense made for a pentax camera fit on any pentax body
I would just bring your lens in and try it out. I know that nikon changed the mounts a while back, but you can pay someone to put the old mount on a new lens. But I just went with 2 sets of lenses it seemed easer that way.
From the small amount of online research I just did, and I could have missed something or just be totally wrong, it looks like Pentax has used the K mount for its cameras since the early 70s, before that probably would have all been thread or screw mount.

I just found this page, which looks like it might have a lot of good info on Pentax k mount stuff, if you can read it because the font is kinda weird in places...


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