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Jul 28, 2003
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I just purchased a pentax k1000, and I'm reading to get going with it. All it comes with (it was an ebay auction) is a flash, and a 50 mm. lens. Which other lenses and filters should I get?

I don't think I want a macro lens, I don't intend to do close ups quite yet.

As far as wide angle lenses go, are all 28mm lenses wide angle? I'm fairly certain I will buy one as my first accessory. If I find a 28mm lens, should I assume that it is wide angle?

Zoom lens. I've seen lenses that are 30-70 or about that. Are these more advantageous than a 50mm? I figured getting a 200mm would be a good move also.


I intend to take landscapes and candids, shots of the city and other spur of the moment shots. (indoor and out) In both black and white and color. Which filters should I get to maximize opportunity of good color/tones.?
Motcon, good link...but I'm a little confused about the numbers corresponding to the filters. Also, will Cokin filters fit all slr's??


the numbers are numbers assigned by the original 'Wratten' system. yes, cokin will work just fine for you (i use cokin as well). all you need is the cokin number conversion chart, which i think is on their site, which will cross reference the wratten numbers to the cokin.
So I look at the bracketed number or the other code? Lets say I want "Red(25) [090]" Do I use the paranthesis or the bracket? Are the wratten's seperate from b + w? Thanks again.

Thanks. I'll probably get that one. Any other suggestiosn for b+w?
I read it all, I was just wondering if there were any that you guys couldn't shoot without. I think I've decided on some filters to get.

About the lenses...Wide angle k mount lenses specifically...

Anyone know which lenses are compatible or could suggest a wide angle lens for a k1000?


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