Lenses Nikon Nikkor -Sc Auto - F 1.2 55 mm.

Discussion in 'Film Discussion and Q & A' started by Marcelo Pires de Oliveira, Oct 11, 2015.

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    Good evening.
    Like the review of the Nikon Nikkor 55mm 1.2 lens. It's adapter to use with the Canon Eos 5D? Does it have quality loss in the picture? Someone already used old nikon lenses in cameras canon eos? a friend is selling at the price of US $ 260 with adapter for eos full manual lens. Is it a good buy? Thank you.

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    The price is about right, but I'm not sure why you'd really WANT to shoot with an old, average lens like that, unless you want to shoot it wide open for a low-contrast kind of look at wide aperture like f/1.2 or f/1.4 or f/1.8. Nikon 55mm f/1.2 Review

    This is NOT a particularly "great" lens, and is in NO WAY AT ALL comparable to the Canon 50mm f/1.2-L...not even close. The SC version was made 1972-1974. Look at the samples and see that this lens needs to be stopped down to f/4 to eliminate coma, so it's not a great lens for wide-aperture night time work either.

    Nikon 55mm f/1.2 Review

    I do not really think this is "a good buy" when a 50/1.4 is much less money, and the 50mm f/2 HC Nikkor is, well, I saw one for $29 this week here in town. Twenty-nine dollars!

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