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Dec 14, 2003
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When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me, speaking words of wisdom, Let it Be.


no ps work, except desaturated.
great shot chiller.....and a good title.... how come the bg is so dark without the psing?...... looks great tho :thumbup:
Thanks for your comments.
Arch...It is a white monument against a black stone. Kind of a semi-circular backdrop.
ahhh...... i see.... has a great effect on the statue ;)
If I get back there, this weekend, I will take a snap of the monument. It is a stunning piece of work. Just the names of the people are on the sides, and bottom, so I dont usually like to capture the names in the photos.
Thanks Arch.
it a shame no-one is writing a book about thes sort of sculptures, because you chiller take some awesome shots, and really show the beauty to be had in them.
well done... again.
I saw the title and immediatly thought of the Beatles tune .... made me smile when I opened the thread. She's beautiful and you captured the profile perfectly :) I know it's stone but the texture that comes across is so lifelike.
it a shame no-one is writing a book about these sort of sculptures

I agree. These are works of art and very well captured.
Thank you so much for your awesome comments.
Thanks tons KenCo and Airic. Appreciate your comments.

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