Let me go ahead and get this started...


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Mar 9, 2003
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Let me go ahead and get this started by asking info on where I will be heading to this Saturday.

I'll be in Cancun for a week and would love any information from people that have been in the area before. What tours are good/bad, things I shouldn't miss and things that I SHOULD miss ;)

Also, any tips for taking pictures in the area. Any great spots, etc? I am planning on going to Chitzen Itza (probably not spelled correctly) and doing some snorkeling and scuba diving in the area. Actually just got a nice underwater housing for my low-end digital camera. Should be fun!

Anyway, any information you may have would be appreciated!

There is a beautiful small island off cancun called Isla Mujeres. Cancun is highly americanized and commercialized. IM is not.
I've heard good and bad about the island. They make it sound really beautiful, but very touristy in what there is on it.

My big draw would be diving and snorkeling...is it worth making a trip out there? Also, I heard mixed ideas on how to get out there. I read something about taking a bus to a ferry terminal across (rather than buying the full tour)? Any thoughts?
chase, Being a certified diver, ive heard that cancun is a great dive. not as great as some others, but still awesome nonetheless. UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHY!!

This is what my father took of chichin itza. We have a nice print hanging on our wall. Taken with a medium format camera and scanned with a $20 film scanner. I am now really excited to shoot with my new Rolleiflex


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