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Mar 8, 2009
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I am a hobbyist/part time pro photographer that has covered 137 weddings in the last 7 years. I do not use a business license because in my city it is not required unless I have a stuido set up on my property (which I don't). For the first time EVER, I am being asked to produce "proper documentation to certify that I am licensed to perfrom my skills" by a particular venue site. The owners of this venue are insisting that I must either have a Photographer's License, which does not exist, or that I must produce a business license. I WILL be happy to obtain a business license for future events but I don't have enough time to do this before the wedding. So, before I break it to my clients, is there anything I can do to pursuade the venue owners to allow me to photograph this wedding? Can they legally deny the wedding clients the right to use me? Thanks for any input!
The venue might be concerned about insurance. If your equipment like flashes catch the building on fire then they would want your liability insurance to cover it. A way you may be able to get around it is talk to another photographer in town and have the couple sign a contract with the other photographer then have that photographer hire you to cover the shoot. The other company may only charge you a small fee for being covered on their license.
That is an awesome idea, and I will remember that for the future but unfortunately this venue isn't requiring me to have liability ins. In fact, my clients are actually carrying a one day ins. rider that covers all of the service providers. The venue owners are really pushing for some type of certification. I'm not a member of anything photo related because I never cared to be, and I'm not school trained so I don't know what they want from me. That's why I'm wondering if there is anything that I or my clients can do legally to "force" them to let me do the photos. Oh well, I'm gonna apply for the license anyway and see what happens.

Thanks again!

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