Licensing a photo? How? What to charge?


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Dec 1, 2008
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Hey Guys,

A law firm in downtown San Jose wants to use my night shot of downtown San Jose in their ad for the San Jose Business Journal Book of Lists, 2010 issue. The ad will be 10 x 6".

I have no idea what to charge or what kinda paperwork to have them sign. This would NOT give them exclusive rights, just a 1 ad use. Can you guys PLEASE give me any ideas or suggestions? Kinda lost here.

I've typed this at least 30 times in the last 6 months here at TPF. I need to type it in Word so I can just copy and paste it, since so many regular visitors seem incapable of using the forum search feature. :lmao: On their home page, click on 'Busness Resources' there on the left.

Cost is determined by the size the photo will be used at and how many will be of the publication will be printed. Make sure your image copyright is registered with the feds.

You need to write a use license and can guide you with that too. Check out PLUS, the Picture Licensing Universal System.

Check out the #1 hit for Goggleing: "Licensing a photo"

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