light leaks and scratched negs?


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Jul 18, 2015
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I'm trying to identify problems with this roll. There's a light leak horizontally near the top 1/3. This is not too surprising because it's an old FTb that needs seals.

the black scratches are on the shiny side of the negs. I'm not sure if the camera did that, maybe the film canister? Or did I scratch them with the film drying squeegee (though I used the squeegee on an adjacent roll from another camera without problem)

Thoughts appreciated thank you. This is a new bulk roll of Arista Edu 200 developed in D76


Could be dirt/dust on the film pressure plate in the camera, dirt/dust in the felt on the film can or more than likely the squeegee. I never squeegee film, I use Photo-Flo.
Scratches on the film will be visible between the exposed frames. It might take a magnifying glass to see them.
Light seal replacement. I used a squeegee once, never again. Arista is very fragile and there is a reason its cheap. It requires very careful handling and agitation. I would stay away from it if your a man handler like me, it will bite you in the butt. If your trying to save money, just get the HP5+ bulk roll, it's often on sale at Freestyle and very durable. I have finally found a developer for it (DD-X) that I like and may be buying a bulk roll of it. I still have a full bulk roll of TriX though.
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Thanks I appreciate the info, guys. I was surprised at the chart showing 5-7 agitations every 30 seconds. I'll get a roll of nicer film after I get my cameras running good and my learning process advances.

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