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Light meter on minolta maxxum 400si


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Jan 19, 2012
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Hey! I've just gotten my new camera! Yay!!!! Except for the light meter situation(ughhh) I know that it's when you look in the view finder but I don't see a light meter, only the shutter speed and the f/stop please help.
Do you have the manual?

You can get one here:
Minolta User Manual and Service Manual Downloads

The quality on that particular manual is not very good... You can probably find a better one.

Basically, the meter shows your shutter speed and aperture. If it's over-exposed, there will be a little + icon under the shutter speed. If it's under-exposed, it will be a - icon. If it's properly exposed, there will be no icon.
Oh haha thanks, I actually did see the Icon I just didn't know what it was. Thanks again

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