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Oct 1, 2016
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What is a good height for a light stand for a 25" softbox? Should someone get one with or without a boom?
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There is no specific parameter on height of stand vs size of modifier. What I mean by that is, you pick the support mechanism that will do the job based on where you want your light modifier to be placed. For example if I want my softbox to be on the ground I will use a floor stand base with a spigot or a baby plate and sand bag it. I might want the same modifier in a down light situation over a models head, then I would boom it with a super boom with a cine stand with counter weights and sand bags. In each of these scenarios I am using the same modifier but the support system is specific to the lighting position.

The best advise I can give you is buy the best quality stand your budget will permit, buy once, cry once. I still use my first stands purchases from 40+ years ago, Manfrotto Master Art. 004 stands and will likely live out my career with them.
I would probably use it mostly to take family pictures at home and the beach. Not something I would use a lot.
My recommendation still stands, unless the items you are attaching to the stand have no value.
Get something 7-8’ for shooting indoors, 9-10’ if you want an extra section of extension for more versatility, or go for 12-15’ if you need more height or just want a winder base for mor stability. Height and type will be determined by the use, not the modifier. For a back light stand you’ll probably want something very short. For a hair light you might want a boom arm.
JB is so right, buy the best you can afford and you won't have to buy twice. I have a PB light stand that has had the locks fail to work and the stand never rolled well. So if I want to replace it after 15 years, it means a second purchase. Meanwhile, the quality avenger stands I have work flawlessly. A 25" sbx is pretty small and you don't say what kind/size light you use. but get out at the beach in any wind, better have a sandbag. Can probably get away with any of the aluminum stands for your usage.

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