Lighthouse at sunset


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Mar 12, 2006
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Elgin, N.E. Scotland

Hello, this was taken at a local beach, any comments and criticisms welcome!
Gorgeous shot! I love how you captured the reflection of the lighthouse in the water as well. Nice work -- I look forward to seeing more of your pics!
Thats a stunning photo, where is this local beach? is it far to travel from Aberdeen? (north east of scotland) keep up the good work
Spinkygirl and Simonch, you are both from N.E. Scotland? Do you know each other?

This is a very nice dusk photo. I really like it. The tide is out and the wet sand of the beach reflects what little orangey-yellowish light there still is in the sky ... very nice.
it is a very good shot! you definitely have an eye for landscapes! great job with capturing the reflection and you had a great light!
Nice shot, the light coming in from the right of the shot, and the reflection of the lighthouse really set this off for me.
That picture is awesome. Are you a proffesional or is it a hobby?
I took this photo using macro in the garden the other day.
Nice capture! I'm a bit torn about the split horizon. It feels unbalanced to me, but if you crop the bottom, you lose some of the reflected lighthouse.

The brightness on the right draws my eye over there, but there's nothing really over there. The interesting stuff is on the left. I think if you crop it vertically just to the right of the lighthouse, you bring the focus back and it's easier to linger on it and notice the people there. I'd also try a touch of sharpening.
Thanks for the comments everyone.
Simon, the beach is in a little town called Lossiemouth, you're bound to have been on holdidays there when you were a kid!!
LaFota, Simon and I come from the same town so we've probably crossed paths at sometime.
Karl, I'm certainly no professional, just an amateur keen to improve.
I like this... one part of me wants to see a little bit more to the right, but then you would lose those people jumping around on the rocks... Nice capture !!
What a gorgeous shot you are so lucky to leave close to a place like that :D
ahh yes, im sure i have been there, i remember now! i pushed my sister in a pond, happy times :wink: . those were the days... Sadly she has moved away now! not to worry, hope you have a nice life now that you have departed from Stonehaven, im sure you will come back someday, and perhaps we will cross paths!
Thats beutiful. It mustve been the perfect time of day. Great shot!

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