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Dec 16, 2003
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Just got the E-mail from Adobe....Lightroom 5 is officially out.
So is this the first one where you need to pay per month to get this? Or can you buy it outright?

What is the pricing like?

I dont have any of the lightrooms, but I am in the market.
Lightroom is not available via the cloud/subscription.

The full price of LR is $149 and the upgrade price (if you have an older version) is $79.
So then I need to buy LR for $149, plus if I want photoshop, pay for that every month? How much? Sorry, I am at work, supposed to be working, so I dont have time to research this right now.
If you want to buy Lightroom (essentially a lifetime user license) it's $149.

By looking at the Adobe site, I don't see Photoshop CS6 offered for sale, but you can join the 'Creative Cloud' and always have the latest version for $20/month.
You can still find Photoshop CS6 in stores, basic version is $639. Photoshop Extended is $999 (don't ask me the difference).

Of course, anyone thinking of getting the software should ask themselves if they really need Photoshop. It's a very large, comprehensive program that will do more than any one person will need. Most photographers would be happy with the 'lite' version, Photoshop Elements. Photoshop Elements isn't available on the cloud, and is available for purchase for $99.

And to be clear, you don't NEED both Lightroom and Photoshop (either full or Elements). Photoshop (along with Adobe Bridge) will do practically everything that you can do in LR. LR just streamlines it and makes it much easier and faster. And there are many, many things that you can do with Photoshop, that you can't do with LR.
But that being said, Lightroom will do 90% of what 80% of photographers need to do on a daily basis.
Has anyone seen any reviews on the improvements and whether it's worth the $79 or not?
Figures. I just bought LR4. Hasn't even arrived yet. :lmao:

Of course, it's not like I didn't KNOW LR5 would be out of beta soon. But I didn't really intend to buy LR at all, just got a rockin' deal on it when I bought CS6.
Has anyone seen any reviews on the improvements and whether it's worth the $79 or not?
There have been plenty of reviews and videos etc. floating around...seeing as the beta has been out for a few months.

One of the biggest things that appeals to me, is that the spot removal tool is no longer just a acts more like the healing/cloning tool in Photoshop, where you can paint the shape that you want to remove etc.

Various other things of course...a quick search should turn up a plethora of results. ;)
i had just lr3 and with the new d600 ive got no choice but to upgrade.. lr3 wont open the files lol

Yes, it's worth the $79 upgrade. They changed the spot healing brush to actually be used like a brush in CS now instead of the circles in LR4. There are a few other things that for me make it worth the upgrade as well but that is the main one that I like. Now to get the money together to get it.

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