Lightroom cannot find catalogue - HDD wrong drive


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Jul 24, 2007
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My father's Lightroom suddenly cannot find his catalogue - all photos and his "F-drive" are "missing".
However, it can indeed find his external HD as the "E-drive" instead.

How is the easiest way to tell Lightroom that the HDD is now E instead of F, and still keep all image development settings, tags and everything the catalogue consists of?
I believe that when LR can't find the photos it comes with the little question mark logo on the directories in left hand pane in the library module. From memory, clicking the question mark brings up a menu with an option of find missing photos/folders. Clicking that lets you browse through your windows folders to where the actual directory is. Hope that helps best of luck.
Yes. When you move image files (outside of LR)...including changing a drive name, it will break the link that LR has to it.

As mentioned, you can click to get to the 'find missing files' dialog...then just navigate to where the files are now.
Thanks for the replies, but..

Were talking about an entire catalogue, not just a few photos.. I believe it's 16.000 photos or something like that.. I hope I don't have to manually locate every folder..?
In LR, go to 'File' then 'open catalog'. Then just browse to where the catalog file is.

If you don't know where the catalog file is, do a search for it...I think the extension is .lcat

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