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lightroom is being stupid,... help...


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Mar 23, 2014
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Akron Ohio
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i pressed the control and slash key to open the bar where i can search for keywords, for some reason this time it opened the library filter it in a new window and i cant not get it to go away, i can close lightroom and its gone but i open lightroom again and it comes back. usually it just opens a search bar, not a whole new screen in a second window, not sure what the heck happened.

light room is open on my second monitor and this is open on my laptops screen and i cant get it to close. how do i get this to close.. only thing i can find is to press the same keys again but its not closing the window. this is a screen shot of what is open on my laptop screen and lightroom is open on my second monitor.

Fullscreen capture 1212015 65111 PM.jpg
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i restarted the computer and this window will not go away. pressing control \ opened it but pressing it again will not close it like people have said it would on the google search i did. its super annoying

never had any issues with lightroom 5 this lightroom CC is always doing something
ok i figured out how to close it.

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