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May 20, 2007
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Just downloaded the Lightroom trial recently, and am trying to figure it out.

WOW is all I have to say.

Has anyone tried the "sharpening" in Lightroom? WOW. It does a real good job.

Also, SNAPSHOTS... As I am making changes, trying new things... I can add a 'snapshot' at any point, and go back to that point at any time. It's not a history thing, it's wayyy cooler, and makes the process NICE

If I find anything else that's worth mentioning, then I'll post it here. On the flipside, if anyone knows something way cool about Lightroom, please post it here!

I've been using Lightroom for six months now. It's an amazing tool that I've fully integrated into my workflow. The develop feature is so powerful that I sometimes skip using Photoshop to do minor corrections. I also love the stacking feature that now let's me stack similar pictures together and just put the best one on top.

This software was definitely designed by photographers for photographers.
How can you take a snapshot then have it show up in the loop view and be stackable with the original?
Personally I find the sharpness feature rather limited. But it does do a good all round job. Just not the right thing in every situation. Still Lightroom is the best thing since any other best thing previously.
I have LR and Photoshop CS3. I hardly ever use CS3 for basic PP. LR does most of what I need unless I really do something stupid during the shot.
hmm i just use lightroom to preview pictures and then get them into ps.... mabye i need to explore a little more lol
i use lightroom for almost all of my PP and photo organization/viewing.

i use cs3 just for more advanced tweaking and experimenting...and resizing
Lightroom is amazing! It's a really powerful tool for editing and organizing. I pretty much only go into Photoshop to do major cloning or really serious pixel level editing.

I haven't played with the print module yet (as I didn't have a printer.... but Christmas solved that problem) so I'm looking forward to playing with it too.

Here's an awesome site for learning shortcuts and techniques in Lightroom:

They've also got some free develop presets on there that are pretty sweet.


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