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Jul 10, 2004
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at work...
I'm addicted to the lensbabies! I have almost completely replaced my 50mm with this thing.. just like I told Sam would happen. This thing is awesome. I broke out the studio lights tonight and took a few pictures with it. You may have already seen these in the e pics thread somewhere. :D



I'm sure there will be lots more to follow! ;)

Thanks for looking. :D
Wow she looks so happy in these shots and you did a good with the LB, mine can today hope get some use in tomorrow
These are awesome! Its great to see your putting the LB to use. I love these, youve got great control over that lil baby already :)

Im lucky I have 2 slrs :lol: otherwise my 50mm wouldnt get any use whatsoever.
Looks like Evelyn approves of it, too! She looks totally happy in these. :heart:

Great work, Hobbes. :thumbup: Perfect examples of Lensbaby-ness here.
Thanks ya'll. As soon as it stops raining, I'll have to head outside with it and snap away. I'm addicted already. :lol:
If I :sexywink: do I get a turn? That lens is just too darn cool!
What a precious little girl. Definitely not hard to find the 'sweet spot' when that's your subject matter! Well done.
Love the second one its fantastic, now i really want a LB! :thumbup:

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