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Apr 19, 2003
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Pasco, WA
Found these hanging around the handrails of the steps up to my office this morning. I'll not post the big pics, I don't want to be responsible for any nightmares. :wink:



you bugger
from now on all spider threads show have "spiderhaters dont look" as the title lol

they are brilliant big bug!

im considering buying a macro lens before i upgrade to a bigger lens. is this a stupid thing to do? i have my standard 28-90mm that came with my EOS.
I really love macro photogrpahy so im wondering which would be the better way to go.
great shot!!! ... but im scared of spiders :(

macro lenses are great, i bought one last week, so im looking forward to doing some macro/abstract work :)
Just great Jim!....now all you've got to do is work them into a sunrise somehow! (I'll bet he does it!)
Great shots Jim. I haven't been brave enough to go after any bug shots with my macro yet.

Manda, you know.... Vivtar makes a 100mm macro lens that is very sharp. If you get the manual focus lens (which you should for close up work anyway), it is only $119 brand new! The build is a bit cheap feeling, but for $119 who cares.
manda, if you're interested in getting both a big lense and macro, a cheaper alternative may be some close up filters, a set of 3 runs about 50 bucks, I seem to be the only person who likes these on the whole forum though, so they might suck, i dunoo
Only real difference is the ability to shoot close up to your subject without using the "tubey doobers". [I love that term!]

And yes, you can get closer to your subject using extension tubes (technical name for tubey doobers). The disadvantage of using tubes is a extremely shallow depth of field. And you have to move the whole camera/lens assembly to do focus corrections.

My 50mm lens and a 26mm extension tube allows me to focus at about 4 - 5 inches from the front of the lens. It's probably around 1/2 life-size, but I haven't checked it.


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