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Dec 5, 2005
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Central IL
I am fairly new to studio lit work. I am aware that technically I have lost detail in the highlights here. My question is one of aesthetics. Do the blown out areas detract from this image? Do they provide a different feel to the image that is pleasing? Annoying? I am on the fence as to how I feel about it on this particular image. I understand that this is a subjective question of taste or opinion, but I am asking for YOURS. I do not think that blown areas in {some} images detract, on the contrary, they can help in certain situations. I am just not sure if this is one of them. Thanks for looking and please chime in with your opinion.



P.S. I posted this in the nature gallery as well.


Nikon D50
60mm macro@f/8
1/15 sec.
spot meter
no flash/one lamp-- above left
For me, the highlights are just too blown in this image. I find it distracting.

I think with this subject - a delicate, tender flower - to be the most effective, both highlight and shadow detail should show through.

I love your composition, tight crop and black BG here. I just want to see the entire flower detail.
I can't speak to most of it, but I like the crop as well... I would love it if the flower didn't seem to be floating. I usually prefer to see them anchored by a stim going out of the picture at the bottom, but then that's just me.
I would also suggest a completely black background to get rid of what looks like an iron rod in the upper right. Nice job.

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