Line Draw & Rendering with the XF50-140

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    This lens is pretty special IMHO. It can really show off at anytime but give it a technically difficult light scenario, it wears itself proudly. This is one of the most difficult lenses to figure out because it draws so uniquely different in a variety of situations. I have been logging my results for a year and they are all over the place. I am so far from a lens or photography expert so it is difficult for me to explain this lens. It has amazing line draw in every situation, sometimes magical. The OOF is painterly some days and smooth as butter the next. Put a face in front of it, prepare to intimately know them. It is a bizzare lens for me as I shoot mostly primes. It is so different at various apertures. I have a hard time pre-visualizing with this lens. I need to shoot it more, and I'm going to with more detailed info. This may be the best Fuji lens because it optically does so many things.

    This lens is truly an art lens but doesn't claim to be. Put this lens in a persons hands that wants to explore and the world is the limit. Added bonus, it can be further configured with a tele converter.

    1. Melting image with the high noon sun. It loves back light shooting.

    2. again back light high noon, draw line is impressive under difficult light.

    3. This image shows the wonderful smoothness of the OOF

    4. Line draw and auto focus lock.

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