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Jan 17, 2012
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Edmonton, AB
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Hey guys,

I made a little link reciprocal exchange for photographers. Some will call it a link farm or a link wheel, but I've never seen any problems with the things. That being said, I'll have to say use at your own risk. Anyway, it should give you a little boost in Google if done correctly along with other SEO techniques.

If you're interested, check out: Reciprocal Link Exchange Program | Infinitelink
I don't claim to understand SEO at all...but I was under the impression that Google has gotten smart enough to recognize a link exchange/ while it may help your SEO initially, it will actually hurt it in the long run.

I don't know....that's just what I've heard.
It doesn't give as much push as it may have in the past, but it's still effective as long as the particular exchange isn't abused. The benefit is that these are real photographers linking to other real photographers and the exchange is moderated by a real person (me), so Google doesn't seem to mind.

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