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Apr 11, 2007
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Can we put up a links page so that I can click through to buy from any/all of the vendors that you team with...

I ALWAYS order though your links so you get some support.

I need to buy something from Adorama, and their link at the top of your page is one of those rotating ones, and I can't find it right now.
There already is a 'Links Directory' in the top/main menu.
You should be able to find all the links in there.

Also, you should be able to change the rotating adds by clicking refresh.
Ok, the links directory, didn't see that... I have been just refreshing. Hey every little bit for TPF helps, ya know?
The links directory doesn't nessarally have all our advertisers links in it however I do think that the Adorama and B&H links are in obvious places. Those are the only two that we receive support based on sales from. I'll double check those links for you. We always appreciate support.

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