little baby


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Nov 25, 2007
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I like this one better, but the eyes are kidna weird...why are her pupils so small? Cute kid, though...just try and figure that out...
this is a nice shot, good composition & captured expression, but it needs to be sharper, your focus is just a tad off - i would suspect you are using the multipoint autofocus and it sort of 'averaging' your scene. switch to selective autofocus and you can focus on her eyes - you are controlling the focus point!
I like the comp alot. I wish the blanket wasn't covering the bottom of her chin though.
You have one eye in, and one eye out, so I am thinking you might be using a really shallow dof, which is great, but when you shoot that way, you need your camera to be on the same plane as the person. (Does that make sense?
Sideburns, pupils react to light. The more light, the smaller the pupil. :)
Thanks for all the feedback...

Elsa what do you mean you need to shoot on the same plane as the person?

Thanks again.

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