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Nov 18, 2005
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Copenhagen Denmark
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These were taken on a cold dark overcast day at 1/400 f5.6 and were a couple of stops under exposed (the first one about 3. You could make out a silloette on the camera lcd), so i tryed to rescue them with photoshop, not really sure i suceeded, but at least you can see what they are of then the sun came out, typical eh?



here is the original of the second one


Thanks for looking
cool squirrel! nice PS to salvage that second one... i took a very similar shot of a woodpecker last night, but there wasn't as much detail as I had hoped after i tried to salvage it...
Wow, you really managed to still get quite much out of that dark photo! Too cool. I like these little red squirrels, which are much smaller than the grey ones, and a lot more timid: I wonder how you managed to capture this one at all!?! We have news that our red ones are slowly getting outnumbered by the "imported" grey ones, so our red ones soon need to be put onto the Red List of Almost Extinguished Species. :(
Sorry to hear they are being displaced in germany too, they are beginning to make a come back in the UK now, after a lot of investigation as to just how the greys were ousting them. I am not sure what they are doing to help their recovery but i think it involves shooting the greys. It was actually very easy to get this shot, strangly, as since then i have tryed again to get another and had to sit in the damp for hours not getting anything, every time the sun comes out they go in, and i cant make out what time of day they are most active, it seems to just be when there is noone else abaout :).

Thanks for the comments.


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