live and let die

jon this is a great shot. The title says it all.... the way she's happily eating her food while the homeless guy has nothing (dont blame her tho... he could be a mentalist!)... but beautifly captured, got the compo just right :thumbup:
Very powerful image, JM, especially with that title. With shots such as this, a picture is truly worth a thousand words.
Awesome job man. There is a lot of meaning here and the title really suits this one Jon.:thumbup: :thumbup:
just a great shot, jm....

the title tells it all... the expression on her face is like the guy in the back ground is nonexsistant.... much less the pigeons.....

very cool capture....your really awesome at catching street stuff jonmikal... got any more?
Beautiful shot! Love the comp and tones in this one as well as the whole mood. Great work! :hail: ;)
nice shot jon, love the b&w/toning... :thumbup:
I've always admire your vision for great shots like this. Awesome dof :thumbup: Has such a parky laid back feel to it... love it !

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