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Apr 8, 2011
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Howdy hoe everybody,

After posting a few comments on various threads, and forums, I think is was a good time to stop in and say hello. After reading forums, and some good advice, I decided to be a supporting member and join the family, rather than reading the forums from behind the scenes. Am I new? Yes. Will I bore you with the typical "Reason why I got started in photography"? No, I think anyone who invests in SLR/DSLR cares about what they are shooting, rather than the P&S has to offer. I'm coming from both a computer and military field hence the signature I have below. What toys do I have? Well, currently I have a Nikon D5000 in which I will be upgrading to the D7000 body soon. I have all the kits lenses than came with the body, but I also invested in the 50mm AF-S f1.4 lens, and my new toy store is B&H. Until next time folks, this is IByte signing off, ciao.
Greetings Ibyte! Sounds like you will fit in here! :)
Thanks for the welcomes, sorry my physics, and programming keeps me busy. I will post some pictures as time permits later down the road.
...whereabout upstate?...i'm about 26 miles north of Syracuse:thumbup:
I'm in Rochester, NY

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