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Sep 18, 2005
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This photo isn't photo shopped except for some cropping.
I do like how the light in the back has the beam shooting out leading the eye down to the subject.
I am unsure if the audience's heads are distracting or negative in anyway?
Also, if you see anything else about it that's annoying in this photo, please let me know. I'm on the fence.


They’re a little distracting IMO. Mostly because of glace off there foreheads. I would try darkening the area a little, but not so much that they are undeniable. Also did you try converting to B&W that may reduce the glare on it own? I like the shot too.
I like it though the light is a lil' bit distracting..awesome shot man!
actually i think that the heads are good there. your eyes are drawn to the light which leads them to the subject. the heads help give the image some depth. i dunno what exactly about the heads i like, but i do like them there.

my 2 cents
i didn't even recognize those as heads... i like the dark, grainy feel and the blue tone, but i'm not sure about that light... erm, actually maybe it isn't the light that bothers me, but the line from the light to the singer... that part throws me off some... not even sure what to suggest... overall good shot :thumbup:

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