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Jul 12, 2005
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Hi guys, have just got around to putting some of my pics online and thought I would share a link with you! Some feedback would be very nice!

Mostly point and click pics as I am yet to obtain a proper camera but I think I am developing a half-decent eye for pics!

If you go to browse all you will find a category selector at the bottom of your screen..

Cheers and hope you like!!
taken in my neck of the woods

i recognised a few of those places
nice picture, but i dont like that photogallary you installed ... just my 2cent
Cheers John, am enjoying getting some shots around town now that the weather is brightening up!

many more to come!

I see know what you mean about the gallery tranceplant.

It is a free online photogallery that I signed up with, want to build a proper site so that my pics can be put into categories that are easier to navigate for the viewer... this site is easy to maintain but hard to get people to take much interest!

Thanks for your replies guys!

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