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Jun 29, 2004
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who lives alone here? I mean without any roommates or flatmates? Don't you feel lonely in the evenings? I'm asking coz I'll be living alone in a few months... and I'm a bit worried.
I live alone.

It kinda sucks.

But I don't mind cause I do whatever whenever. Clean, walk around naked, watch tv naked, clean naked.

My boyfriend stays with me most of the time, but I spent 3 years totally alone. I loved it..exactly the reasons Bace said, really...cuz you can do everything naked! :lol: :twisted: (ya think I'm jokin?)

I love my boyfriend and wouldn't want him to move out for anything, but I did really enjoy living alone, too.
hahahah cool... So I'll be able to do everything naked :D
I would try to stay away from frying bacon naked. Greese goes everywhere!

I have a family now; wife, 3 children (one more on the way), two dogs and a few fish (that I have to take care of). I used to live alone. The TV was mine, loud music if I wanted, beer when I wanted. Very little cleaning, small dinners, the house never got overly messy. I could play games on my computer.

Now I just wish I could sit down for a few.
i lov being alone with ahveing alternative tastes i can turn my music up load watch what i want wen i want and dont have to worry about warin clothes altho i would advise it when your cookin. if i do get lonly i just jump on msn there is normaly some one on there worth talking to.
There is such a thing as living alone? Oh and being naked rocks, unless you forget to close your blinds (Bace probably leaves them open intentionally) and Tmp is correct, cooking naked is not always a good idea!
kelox said:
That's a disturbing thought, thanks.

Want to see a picture?
Rob said:
hey!! This is a family forum, Rob. :x

You'll have to pm it to him, Bace.....the rest of us....we'll try not to think about that exchange. :mrgreen:

I love being alone in the house when I can be, but I don't know about long-term living alone. Naked or not. :lol:

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