Lone hilltop Mausoleum


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Sep 3, 2005
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Northern California
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This Mausoleum stands by itself in an elevated position at Holy Cross cemetery.


Thanks for looking!
I may just be lacking sleep or whatever, but to me it, this photo reminds of Mt. Olympus. With the light in the background and the columns of the mauseleum (?sp), it looks like it might be Zeus' house. :crazy: ok, I'll go back to isolation now! :mrgreen:
Calliope said:
it looks like it might be Zeus' house.
It's funny that you said that, when I was taking this shot out of the blue it started to rain heavily. I ran back to my car and as soon as I got in it the rain stopped, I thought to myself that whoever was in that Mausoleum was powerful and did not like that I was taking this photo. :lol:

Linda & Anicole - Thank-you for your comments! :)
love the processing randog, even though its backlit you got detail at the front, well done.
Wooo, spooky shot of the mausoleum, with those great clouds. WTG Randog
yea this is very nice randog, smooth tones, well lit :thumbup:
Schweeet shot Randog. Love this one.
very cool...almost a three-d effect to it... love the whole feel..and yes, i would have thought the same thing about the power in there didtn want its pic snapped.....

i am glad you did, though.. great shot....back ground to a movie, perhaps..
another great shot, randog! :thumbup:

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