lonely alley


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Dec 29, 2005
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somewhere between here and there..
i took this picture this weekend while i was out roaming the streets.... as always, im open to criticism or suggestions. thanks for looking.

I agree with Woodsac about the format. And I find the little bit of baluster and ramp on the right distracting. Otherwise it's a great shot and I like it a lot...
I really like the concept and the POV. But I agree, the "stuff" on the right is a bit distracting.
I like the first one, possibly with a cm or so cropped off the bottom to make it a 16:9 type letterbox ratio.

I think using horizontal aspect is actually effective in this, and the blueish MTV style colour cast adds to the urban feel of the shot.

So, I like it, possibly with a little crop off the bottom. Good job!

I really like this one. I also think it works if you crop either from the left or the right, making the figure in the top right or left corner and leaving all of the foreground in ... if that makes sense!
I really like the first shot fine the way it is, i like the low view point good capture mate :wink:

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