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May 7, 2013
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Wurtsboro NY
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I saw this guy sitting in the body shop storage yard which is right by my house. I decided to just mess around and take a shot and see how it comes out in Photomatix. I was pretty happy with the result. What does everyone else think?
A typical overcooked HDR. The color is not realistic and distracting. Visible halos.
Overall I like it. Don't mind the overcook at all, but there is haloing. If your intent was a dark, moody look, it works for me.
Decent camera angle and placement. Fairly simple picture, without a lot of elements. I like the size distortion the wide-angle lens used from close has added to the shot. It has that overcooked HDR aesthetic which many people seem to like, currently. The plastic sheet bungeed to the front grill is kind of a realistic touch. I like the fact that the tractor has a small flail mower on it, and that the grass has been mowed recently.
I happen to like my tractors well done.

Good work!
It's nice, maybe upload a slightly less cooked version as well
Thanks everyone. I was aiming for that overcooked look here. I was just messing around when I did this shot, but I should have been more cautious of the haloing. It was shot around 8pm too, so the dark look is kinda what I was going for. I may do a daytime shot and compare the 2.
I believe that's a rotary cutter (usually called a "Bush Hog") on the back, not a flail...not that it really matters.

"Bush Hog" is an example of a brand name that has become the ubiquitous term for the type of equipment in general...kinda like "Kleenex" for tissue and "Q-tip" for cotton swab.

I'd love to have an 84" flail mower for my tractor, alas the wallet said I could only have an 84" rotary cutter (and no, it's not a "Bush Hog" brand).

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