Long Day At Work...


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May 17, 2006
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THIS is why you don't teach others how to use your camera. I'll be locking it up from now on :lol:


Yea...once I got over being woken up, it was all good, because I have a sense of humor :greenpbl: I wish I knew what that bump on my nose is though? I don't have a bump when I'm awake:meh: oh well lol, enjoy my worst photo ever...
well, at least you weren't drooling!
mysteryscribe said:
I love the shot... Every photograph speaks differently to every viewer. This one reminds me how angelic my grandson looks asleep. However........

However, I am far from angelic;) :greenpbl:
mysteryscribe said:
the complete statement should have been however he does wake up and ruin the illusion... I suppose that would be true of all of us.

Yea, that's definitely the truth.
mysteryscribe said:
By the way I love your sigi reminds me of my youth... I sold my soul to buy a giant strobe light once. The light was crap but I still got the better deal

Aw what a nice memory. Thanks for sharing:D

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